Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harry Styles Tattoo

Harry Styles Tattoo

Well this is all very interesting. Harry Styles has been photographed in America with what looks like a new tattoo of a star underneath his left bicep. So basically his armpit. Harry Styles may have got an armpit tattoo.

The teen hottie has a brand new star tattooed on the inside of his arm.

The tat was noticed by some eagle eyed fans this week, and Harry is yet to comment on the reports.

When do you think he got it done? Zayn also has a new tattoo - did they get them done together? Are all the boys going to slowly start revealing new ink?
Harry Styles Tattoo

Harry Styles Tattoo

Harry Styles Tattoo

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kevin Durant Tattoo

Kevin Durant Tattoos

Like most of today's NBA players, Kevin Durant likes tattoos. Unlike them, he doesn't get them on parts of the body that can be seen easily while he plays basketball.

After the jump, check out the first hint we got of Kevin Durant's tattoos in a photo from Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals vs. the Memphis Grizzlies. From the looks of things, he's added at least one tattoo since then.

If you look closely, the Washington Nationals-styled "W" on Durant's stomach looks like a new addition. Durant's from the D.C. area, so this one is probably a way of showing some pride in his hometown. Also, in case you're wondering, the names "Barbara" and "Wanda" on his chest are references to his grandmother and mother, respectively, the women who raised him.

It's tempting to say that Durant is trying to hide his tattoos to appeal to a larger market of fans, but it's possible that he just prefers to put tattoos on his torso and not his extremities. Plus, we've reached a point as basketball fans where tattoos are not an automatic sign of a thug. They're perfectly normal and a common feature of the league's most popular players. LeBron James is covered in tattoos, but any marketing issues he has are tied to his lack of a championship, not the belief that he's a gang member. That point of view is thankfully a thing of the past.

Whatever the case, Durant's tattoos prove that he's not the squeaky clean figure many people make him out to be.

Kevin Durant Tattoos Kevin Durant Tattoos

Kevin Durant Tattoos Kevin Durant Tattoos

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Koi fish and water artwork

Many men prefer the quarter sleeve tattoo in the selection of places to tattoo. Tattoo-quarter sleeves make men look dashing and brave. The quarter sleeve tattoo is a partially style which begins at the top of the neck and usually expands to just above the bicep place. And despite these reduced sleeve styles being rather little in dimension, they really load up a impact, as you can contains several lesser tattoo styles within this lightweight one fourth sleeve.

Here are  some pictures quarter sleeve tattoo ideas to inspire you.

Voodoo skull and vegetation art Japanese dragon and crystal ball idea Skull and flowers quarter idea Aztec inspired quarter tattoo

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tori Spelling Tattoo

Here is Tori Spelling's tattoo on her left ribcage : 

Journey with me my love and
I promise you my heart and
I promise you my soul
for my bounty is as boundless
as the sea and my love as deep;
the more I give to thee, the more
I have, for both are infinite.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dove Tattoo Design

Here are some  pictures dove tattoo designs that could inspire  you who are looking for  dove tattoo theme.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal

While laser tattoo treatment can eliminate almost any tattoo, the best & reliable process to see your candidacy for this laser tattoo treatment process is to routine a free appointment with a local tattoo treatment expert & so far, there are now thousands of tattoo treatment facilities that are all around the nation. With a very reliable clinic, you can fall by & check out a authentic laser expert that will analyze your tattoo to create the necessary actions for its treatment. Trying to analyze your tattoo & identifying if you are certified for the laser tattoo treatment process or not is one feature of an established tattoo treatment expert. Many facilities that have this type of popularity are now detailed in one position, in an on the internet record & you know why you should get to this first before going to the next tattooist clinic?

When you went before to the entire tattoo clinic, you create sure that what you get is what you really want. You want to have the best excellent styles for your tattoo styles, right? So, you go hop or do the regular generate or leg strategy from one tattoo artist or collection to another, looking for the best tattoo styles & thats how you end up with those breath-taking printing personalized all over your tattoo. But now, you are looking for a clinic that can provide a surgery tattoo treatment process because you want to eliminate those tattoo styles. Nobody knows definitely, for sure what factors you have why you want this to occur but nevertheless, to make sure that you probably won't bargain your wellness & your themes wellness as well, its good that you are looking for the best & the most reliable.

But because there are so a lot of tattoo treatment facilities all over the position, it would be a spend of money & time to go around, right? The right thing that you can do is to discover on the internet a tattoo treatment drectory & discover a lot of every tattoo surgery treatment centers. You might even discover something near or within your place so that it probably won't be challenging & time-consuming for you.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Woody Woodpecker Tattoo

Woody Woodpecker Tattoo

Woody Woodpecker is one of the animated cartoon character who is quite popular. Many people like to getting woody woodpecker tattoo. The following pictures give some ideas for you in choosing the theme of Woody Woodpecker tattoo.

Woody Woodpecker Tattoo Woody Woodpecker Tattoo Woody Woodpecker Tattoo Playing golf in checkered pants tattoo idea Puffing on cigar while looking upset

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taz Tattoo

Super cool while wearing trench coat and fedora hat on upper arm area

At the beginning of the year 90, the Looney Tunes cartoon  character popularized The Tasmanian  Devil, or simply Taz. This  figure is known as slurred speech, and assertive  aggressiveness that often results in a whirlwind of  anger.

This is a favorite cartoon character children's future. Taz figures are often designed in the theme to portray the character tattoo in an attack mode, with the upper arm and teeth. View and get your ideas through a Taz tattoo pictures below.

Ripping through back idea Screaming on the microphone, forearm artwork Holding power tools with New York abbreviation Classic portrait with light blue background

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